I. PWC Partner and Customer Acquisition
Our marketing communication refers to the well-known referral-concept and is successfully applied to our PWC Partner and PWC Customer Acquisition. Experts confirmed to us that recommendations - in the form of personal messages - are highly suitable as elegant and unobtrusive advertising and acquisition tools. 
But why do we refer to our PWC Partner and Customer Winnings? As introduced previously - you as a PWC Recommender – shouldn't promote only our website but also to sign- and to lineup PWC DIAMOND PARTNERS - in order to establish your own PWC Team Structure!

As you know by now: You do not have to hold sales discussions and since nothing has to be sold and nothing has to be bought, you are completely exempt from the - embarrassingly annoying - note "Please sign your contract here - and - please do not read the fine print"! Again, you sell nothing and - your PWC Customers and PWC Partners - do not receive payment requests from us - never! We take care of the sale for you - and this is done by our highly decorated website and our - gorgeously-automated - PWC Multipliers of our Unilevel MLM Concept - practically - by itself!

And since there is nothing to sell - monthly ancillary earnings of several hundred euros for PWC Newcomers suddenly become a reality. PWC Team Leaders - on the other hand - are focused on x-hundreds of thousands of euros through pyramid-like organizational structures - as annual income. Both of them are welcomed at PWC! 

Experts confirmed furthermore to us, that personal messages provide more decisive information which has - therefore - a much greater impact on positive decisions! We are 100 Percent convinced of our successful PWC Unilevel MLM Concept and don't have to believe in hotel mass events, alibi academies, advanced or monthly payment obligations of our PWC Customers or PWC Partners. No, with us you pay absolutely nothing - on the contrary, you can earn a lot of money with your PWC! Speaking of personal messages and making money: Our 2 TOP PWC RECOMMENDERS have distinguished themselves either as PWC AMBASSADORS or even as PWC GENERAL AMBASSADORS - which are topping annual earnings of close to 2'000'000 euros!

II. Digitization
As you know, digitization has changed the economy and society significantly - including the gaming market! For online-casinos - as for our WHITEROCK PREMIUM CASINO - this process is just beginning, but already a strong dynamic throughout the market can be observed. All classic games are now offered in digital forms. There are also new methods of playing - such as the “virtual sports” and the classic forms of gaming, such as betting are being transferred to digital areas, introduced as “eSports”. We at Whiterock are at 100 Percent convinced that the online gambling market is growing and growing fast...! 

Worldwide, Gross Gaming Revenues generated by online-casinos have grown from 15 to 50 Billion Euros over the past ten years. The share of gambling-casinos in the overall market has tripled from 5 to 17 Percent. Europe accounts for half of the global online market - not least because European Countries are increasingly liberalizing this market segment. The online share of the gaming market in the EU is over 16 Percent and in Germany exceeding even 20 Percent. In particularly, liberalized markets such as Denmark or the United Kingdom, these quotes are significantly higher. According to the results of the HRI survey, 45 Percent of the German resident population have already participated in online gaming. And it is not just young players and bettors who tend to be more digitally savvy who are the online casinos' performances, because participation remains comparably high across all age groups.

III. PWC Customer Acquisitions with PWC Direct Commissions of 25 Percent!
As WMP we offer to you two sources of income - even if they are interactived to each other! Your first compensation relates to your PWC Customers - directly recruited or signed-up by you - who enjoy, play and betting at our website. This generates revenue that we share with you, generously! On your Direct Generated Revenue, you earn PWC Commissions in the amount of as high as 25 Percent. And this all your life as a Passive Income - actually - whenever your PWC Customers are generating revenue at our website you'll earn your share of 25 Percent! Not enough, most of your won PWC Customer are going to enroll in your team as PWC Partner!

IV. PWC Partner Acquisitions with PWC Surplus Commissions of another 25 Percent!
As your second income, we offer to you to participate - free of charge and any obligations - at our PWC Unilevel MLM Compensation Plan! Your participation will take place - as our PWC Team Leader - in the form of a Five-vertically-leveled PWC Downline Structure. As our PWC Team Leader - you can appoint your own PWC Diamond Partner - situated at the highest level on your PWC Downline. 

These signed up PWC Diamond Partners are for you an unlimited number - hence no restrictions whatsoever - and you can earn an enormous amount of money through our automated Unilevel MLM Multipliers. Since there are no horizontal restrictions, you can nominate a lengthy of your own PWC Diamonds Partners. As PWC Team Leader (pictured in the top position) you earn a fraction of the Total Revenue of all your PWC Team Members at each of the five level. 

Let us take the five-leveled PWC Unilevel MLM Remunerations a bit under the Lupe! With a monthly - sampled - Revenue of 100'000 euros, you'll earn a 10 Percent from your appointed PWC Diamonds Partners (pictured above by 8 Diamond Partners and through the X-points it is indicated that this could be many, many much more) which corresponds to a PWC Surplus Commission of 10'000 Euros for you - but it goes on, that why it's called Multilevel!

At the second level (pictured above also by 8 WAP recruited through your Diamond Partners - this could also be 50 or many more!) of your PWC Downline, we pay you 7 percent (€ 7'000) and in the third level 5 percent (€ 5'000). On the fourth level it is 2 percent (€ 2'000) and on the fifth and final level you still participate with 1 percent (€ 1'000)! The following table overviews your five fractions of your five-leveled PWC Surplus Commissions for you as the PWC Downline Team Manager.


As our PWC Team-Chef - thanks to the five vertical levels - you've earned a total of 25'000 euros - these are actually 25 Percent of the PWC Turnover - of 100'000 euros (100 percent)! And this despite the fact that - as our PWC Team Leader - you may never met any of your PWC Team Members, from the second (MLM Platinum Partners) to the last bottom level (MLM Bronze Partners)! 

This has all been taken over for you - directly by your supervised MLM Diamonds Partners - and thereafter by their PWC MLM Team Members! This is our PWC Unilevel MLM Compensation Plan for you! And here seems to be a little distraction allowed - before we briefly introduce you to the unbeatable PWC Annual Bonuses.

V. PWC Compensations with PWC Remuneration Packages of an additional 20 Percent!
Starting with a PWC Team Annual Turnover of 250'000 euros, our PWC Team Leaders are first of all qualified as PWC General Consuls - earning performance-related X up to XXXL PWC Bonuses! The following table overviews our 4 PWC Top-of-the-Top Earners for you!

250'000 UP TO 449'999X BONUSES OF 5 PERCENT12'500 UP TO 22'500
450'000 UP TO 749'000XL BONUSES (5+5) OF 10 PERCENT45'000 UP TO 75'000
750'000 UP TO 1'499'000XXL BONUSES (10+5) OF 15 PERCENT112'500 UP TO 225'000
1'500'000 UP TO 4'000'000XXXL BONUSES (15+5) 0F 20 PERCENT300'000 UP TO 800'000

Now, we are glad to refer you to our coming FAQ with the usual inquiries regarding our PWC Whiterock Marketing Partner Career, our Unilevel MLM Marketing Concept with its unique Compensation Plan. Among many others, we also address for you how to generate an annual income of around 2'000'000 Euros with us as a qualified PWC GENERAL AMBASSADOR - supported by a pyramid-like organizational structure! Thank you for your esteemed attention!