We are glad to welcome you - on behalf of our Swiss Executive Management - and we truly appreciate your esteemed interest to enter into a long-lasting and successful partnership with our PRIME WHITEROCK CASINO (PWC). At this reading, we - first of all - shall introduce you in brief to our PWC SUISSE. Thereafter we present to you the owner of our PRIME WHITEROCK CASINO - which is not only the operator of our www.whiterock-casino.com website but also of this marketing website - named as our - www.pwc-unilevel.com.

PWC SUISSE has been founded in Zurich, Switzerland and is headquartered in the “Swiss Crypto Value” in the Canton of Zug. PWC SUISSE assumes its responsibility for the entire Financial, Comliance, Legal and Trust Monitoring Services! The Swiss entity is further our mandated PWC Payment Provider and PWC Payment Beneficiary. This means that PWC SUISSE counteracts the PWC Customers Account Deposits in a fiduciary manner and manages the funds according to the desired purpose of the PWC Clientele. Accordingly, a PWC Customer is immediately allowed to dispose of his bank-transferred account deposits at PWC. The funds are thus unlocked at the same time, so that the PWC Custmer can play and/or place sport bets immediately in the PWC.

In addition, PWC SUISSE - as a PWC Payment Provider - is responsible for ensuring that PWC Compensation Claims - whether in the forms of PWC Commissions and PWC Suplus Commissions or the performance-related PWC Annual Bonuses - are going to be transferred to our PWC Partners, i.e. you as Whiterock Marketing Partner (WMP) or Whiterock Affiliated Partner (WAP)!

We summarize its further areas of business in a brief manner: PWC SUISSE aims to acquire, manage and divest shareholdings in companies and can establish branches and subsidiaries and participate in other companies and carry out all transactions that are directly or indirectly related to their purposes. PWC SUISSE may acquire, charge, divest and manage real estates and may also finance its own or third-party accounts, as well as provide guarantees for is subsidiaries and third parties.

PWC CURACAO is based in Curacao (Ex Dutch Antilles) and is the Exclusive Operator of our two website known as www.whiterock-casino.com and www.pwc-unilevel.com. Whiterock Leisure Performance is a legal entity and the owner of the mandatory Gambling License with the number GLH-OCCHKTW076112020 (for the right to use offshore gambling and betting games).

We summarize the other areas of activity: PWC CURACAO stands for the organization, marketing, promotion, management, support and operation of all types of remote iGaming activities, including all types of games, bets and other betting exchange operations, interactive casinos, bingos, lotteries, poker and other interactive games for customers who are located or residing outside Of Curacao. Furthermore, PWC CURACAO has the unrestricted power to carry out any act that is profitable or necessary for the performance of its purposes or is associated with it in the broadest sense of the word.

PWC CYPRUS is headquartered in Nicosia and the company is leading our Project 21: PWC CRYPTO OTC TRADING PLATFORM. But, what is the meaning of OTC? OTC trading stands for trades that happen “Over-The-Counter” - meaning that they don't occur on regular cryptocurrency exchanges like for example Bitfinex or Binance. It’s important to note that this is not a term that is specific to the cryptocurrency market, OTC trading is wildly popular in traditional equities markets as well, with experts estimating that up to 30 Percent of the entire equities trading volume occurs via OTC trades. In the cryptocurrency space, this percentage is estimated to be even higher due to its illiquid nature. On our www.pwc-crypto.com website, our “In-House” PWC Cryptos - like WRC or PWC (see below) - and other privileged-selective cryptocurrencies - e. g. our partnering DeCash and swiss.finance tokens - more will be followed - are going to be listed and traded around the globe. 

P.S. We've recently issued - with a great success - our second in-house cryptocurrency with its name PWC. Upon request we'll be glad to forward you our PWC Whitepaper Executive Summary (with its Video Clip) - whereas you'll recognize that our PWC Group is the first cryptocurrency developer that offers to PWC Coin Holders an annual Return On Investment (ROI) in the form of PWC Dividends and PWC Super-Divididens in the legal form of PWC Annual Bonuses! 

Since we've arrived at our cryptocurrencies, we present you in brief our first in-house-coin with its name WRC TOKEN. WRC are transparent, withdrawals and payments are made smoothly. WRC can be transferred to electronic wallets if required. Exchange for the legendary FIAT currencies is also possible on the three exchanges for our multi-purpose WRC Token. For more information - for example on the recently launched ICO or the projected WRC price and price developments - please contact our Managing Director [email protected] But what do you think of our WRC Broker Donald, who likes to introduce you to the WRC in his funny and special manner, have fun and enjoy!

The founders and owners of PWC CURACAO - PWC SUISSE and PWC CYPRUS are all SWISS CITIZENS and competently represented either at the Executive Management or at the Administrative or Supervisory Boards. Furthermore, the two companies - or their owners - maintain relevant partnerships around the globe and the managers recently developed the in-house PWC Currency WHITER ROCK COIN - with the acronym WRC! The WRC Tokens are traded and listed at three International Cryptocurrency Exchanges - VINDAX, UNISWAP and EXMARKETS.

Imporant Notice: Finally, an important note for our worldwide - not to be paid in euros - PWC Partners: All Euro data are valid - one-to-one - for US-Dollars (USD) and Swiss Francs (CHF) - since PWC Customers can play and bet in the Prime Whiterock Casino (PWC) also in these two currencies! Many thanks for your valued attention!