We shall now introduce you to our latest FAQ regarding the PWC Unilevel Web Affiliate Partner Program. Since our PWC Unilevel MLM Compensation Plan is an absolute novelty in the worldwide Web Marketing, we have divided the most common inquiries into two sectors. We start with the usual - most often asked - questions and introduce you thereafter to you our PWC Unilevel MLM Remuneration Package. 

1. WHAT IS THE WEB AFFILIATE PROGRAM? We offer our PWC Web Partner Program worldwide around the globe in order to promote our www.whiterock-casino.com website. Our Online Advertising Concept is to introduce and to promote our Prime Whiterock Casino (PWC) at partnering - so called affiliated – websites. In exchange we pay to our Web Affiliates a on usage-dependent PWC Commission! It is an International Compensation Model that refers - simply stated - to sponsor our entertainment products!

2. WHY SHOULD I REGISTER? There are all sorts of reasons to sign up as a WAP. Your registration is absolutely free, without any obligations and you'll benefit from outstanding and lucrative PWC Commissions! Remunerations are allocated for the mediation of our www.whiterock-casino.com. In short, just connect and monetize your website traffic to our www.whiterock-casino.com in order to make money timelessly!

3. CAN YOU EXPLAIN THAT A BIT MORE SPECIFIC? Generally speaking, you'll recommend our website to your existing and future PWC Customers and - if desired - introduce www.whiterock-casino.com to acquire PWC Partners in order to participate at our unique Unilevel MLM Compensation Plan. Any WAP starts as a PWC Web Diamond Partner top level and is compensated by PWC Direct Commissions - as high as 25 percent - on PWC Customers' generated revenue at our www.whiterock-casino.com platform. 

4. DO I HAVE TO SELL SOMETHING, BECAUSE I AM NOT A GOOD SELLER? You have nothing to sell and your contacts haven't got to buy anything! You sell nothing and your PWC Customers and your PWC Partners don't receive any payment requests from us - never!

5. SO I MAKE RECOMMENDATIONS ONLY? Exactly, you are a PWC Web Recommender and you just do it like Don Emilio! Let your contacts share your enthusiasm and your fascination about our www.whiterock-casino.com website. Your PWC Customers only have to log in on www.whiterock-casino.com and opening PWC Customer Accounts - and sooner or later - it will be played and wagered automatically! We guarantee you this - and then you really get started with making money - timelessly!
"Do you have anything against a short presentation of our little man Donald - but this time he will be in company?"

6. WHO CAN REGISTER IN YOUR WEB PROGRAM? Whether you register with us as a private individual, company, webmaster, blogger, streamer or influencer - doesn't really matter. All you need is to have one website - or multiple websites - including the recognized social media sites - to participate in our PWC Web Partner Program.
7. ARE THERE CONNECTION FEES? Joining our PWC Web Affiliates Partner Program is completely free and you will not incur any fees at all during our entire business relationship.

8. HOW DO I REGISTER? Registration is easy. Click on the Whiterock Web Affiliate Partner (WAP) Registration, complete your personal information - don't forget your website - and click on submit, done!
9. CAN I REGISTER MORE THAN ONE WEBSITE? Yes, you can. If your application is successful, you can register multiple websites as a WAP in your Web Partner Account (PWC Dashboard). You can create individual Tracking Links - for each website - in order to analyze their performances in detail and have them evaluated individually.

10. ARE ALL WEBSITES ACCEPTED? No, we cannot and will not do that! We have to check each application with the proposed website individually and evaluate whether the content of the advertised website is suitable for a PWC Web Partnership - or not.
11. WE HAVE A BLOG - CAN WE REGISTER WITH YOU? Sure! Many blogs today market their reach through our excellent PWC Web Affiliate Partner program. The advantage is obvious, because bloggers - like you - can personally bring our PWC closer to their readers (followers) and then recommend it - and very good money is earned as comfortable as possible.

12. WE ARE AN INFLUENCER TEAM AND ON YOUTUBE AND INSTAGRAMMER PRESENT, CAN WE REGISTER? Sure! You know that Influencers are particular to achieve higher sales volumes, since they rely less on coupon codes or discounts than their online competitors. The same applies to the so-called Pinners - which primarily share their visual content with the entire Pinterest Community and thus simply recommend the www.whiterock-casino.com website to their communities!
13. CAN I ALSO BECOME A WEB PARTNER EVEN THOUGH I DON'T HAVE A WEBSITE? No! However we offer you an alternative to register at our PWC Unilevel Marketing Partner Program. As a Whiterock Marketing Partner (WMP) you recommend www.whiterock-casino.com - on the legendary path that has been tried and tested for many years – earning also your 25 percent as our WAP! Whenever your won PWC Customers play and/or bet on our PWC platform you earn money! As a second source of income, you can - as PWC Team Leader - build your own PWC Downline Structure - as our WAP - and earn a lot of money as PWC Surplus Commissions! Click at Partners PWC Unilevel (pwc-unilevel.com) to get relevant information and register on the home-site as WMP - instead of WAP - thank you!

14. HOW LONG WILL COOKIES BE PLACED ON A PARTNER WEBSITE? The cookie period is 30 calendar days.
15. HOW OFTEN ARE MY STATISTICS UPDATED, WHERE CAN I VIEW THEM? Thanks to your personal and password-protected access to your PWC Online Dashboard at Partners PWC Unilevel (pwc-unilevel.com) you'll see that your statistics are updated daily. 
16. HOW MUCH CAN I EARN WITH PWC? Your earnings are considered as unlimited for you. The more time and effectiveness you spend to transmit high-quality data traffic to us - the more money you'll earn at PWC!

17. I AM NOT A PRO, BUT I AM A PASSIONATE WEB SURFER - CAN I EARN SOME MONEY? You earn at PWC - whether as Newcomer or Advertising Professional - on your PWC Customers Direct Commissions of 25 percent and that for your entire life! Generated revenues by your won PWC Customers - sampled at 5'000 euros - would lead you to 25 percent - equal to a profit of 1'000 euros!

18. HOW CAN I SIGN UP CUSTOMERS AND PARTNERS? As soon as you have registered as WAP - and your platform is endorsed by the PWC Administration as a PWC Partner Website - you'll receive an electronic confirmation. The mail provides you with two important hyperlinks. One you use to sign up your PWC Customers! The second link you need to acquire your PWC Partners - also electronically - so that you as our PWC Team Leader can benefit from our second source of income. And now we have already reached the questions about our PWC Unilevel Compensation Plan! 

19. HOW CAN I PARTICIPATE AT YOUR WEB PARTNER PROGRAM? Any enrolled WAP starts his/her PWC career as a PWC Web Diamond Partner and is - simultaneously - a potential PWC Sponsor. By signing up your first WAP you've made your first step to manage your own PWC Web Downline Structure - earning PWC Surplus Commissions. Your won PWC Web Partner initiates - as you did - as your Web Diamond Partner and by acquiring his/her first WAP you'll profit - on the second level - on his/her WAP with 7 percent on your PWC Team generated PWC Turnover! Our unique Unilevel MLM Compensation Plan - as over-viewed by the following chart - deepens vertically down to five-levels! 


20. TO RECOMMEND YOUR WEBSITE SEEMS TO BE EASY BUT HOW DO I CREATE MY TEAM? Initially, you will start with only one or two PWC Web Diamond Partners - but, as cited earlier, it is an important beginning! However your PWC Team will grow and this can happen faster than you can imagine today! All you need to do is register your PWC Web Diamond Partners with us via your personal PWC Team link, which was provided at the time of your registration to you. Motivate your PWC Web Diamond Partners to say our www.whiterock-casino.com website further and let them also develop their own small PWC Downline Structures in an altogether Teamwork - so that - supported by the unbeatable PWC Multipliers - you'll earn an PWC Surplus Commission of 10 percent on their generated team-revenues - obviously in addition to your PWC Direct Commissions of as high as 25 percent!

21. HOW CAN I UNDERSTAND YOUR STATED UNIVEL MULTIPLIERS? Mathematicians were able to present the Unilevel MLM Multipliers - in the form of a scientific study - as infinitive computational. Like you - we aren't got mathematicians - but imagine that just two or three personal PWC Diamond Partners recruits could lead you to hundreds of PWC Sub Partners and Members within your PWC Team! These are the much-praised PWC Unilevel Multipliers!

22. HOW CAN WE BE ASSURED THAT THE COMMISSIONS ARE WELL AND PROPERLY CALCULATED? The PWC Unilevel software has been programmed for our PWC compensation plan and we guarantee 100 percent secured billings and immediate payouts! Please don't forget that we grant to all of our WMP their online access to their personal PWC dashboard on www.pwc-unilevel.com and if there are any discrepancies, each and any of our WMP shall contact us via [email protected] immediately!

23. GREAT - AND WHAT DO I EARN THROUGH MY TEAM? This depends on all sorts of - personal and performance-related factors, which we'll address further below to you. However, here is a table about - how you could present - to our PWC Executives - yourself as a successful PWC Team Leader - sampled with a PWC monthly sales of 50'000 Euro!


24. JUST TO BE SURE, I COULD EARN MONTHLY 12'500 AS TEAM LEADER - HENCE IN A YEAR 150'000! Yes, indeed this is true. As our sampled PWC Team Leader you would have earned - in this case study - a total of 12'500 euros - thanks to the five leveled vertical planes and your fractional and proportional income. These are 25 percent on the generated Casino Net Revenue (NGR, which will be explained later on herein) of 50'000 euros! 

This even though you did not get to know any - of your PWC Team Members – personally, starting from the second level (Platinum Partners) to the last - the vertically lowest level - Bronze Partners! This has been done for you - directly by your signed-up PWC Web Diamond Partners - and again their PWC Team Members! This is our - throughout the worldwide gambling industry - unique PWC Unilevel MLM compensation plan! Keep in mind, however, that annual income of 150'000 euros for our PWC Team Leaders are still out of proportion to the PWC Top and BIG XXXL Earners - they are playing in the Champions and not anymore in National Leagues, as we'll introduce to you further below!

25. GREAT. I AM TODAY A SILVER PARTNER AND COULD BE TOMORROW - BY MY FIRST RECRUITMENT OF A WMP - A TEAM LEADER - PERFECT, DID ALBERT CREATED THAT? No, it wasn't got Mr. Einstein - but thanks for the compliments! But, you've put it in a nutshell! For a precision, you are still a Web Silver Partner in the PWC Downline of your current boss and you'll stay there - virtually considered! But thanks to your first recruitment - as a PWC Sponsor - you have promoted yourself to your own PWC Team Leader! 

26. CAN YOU MAKE ME AN EXAMPLE? Sure, let us display a simple four-person startup. As the unique PWC Career Plan shows and as you know, everyone - let's just call him for instance Jake - starts with his own turnover earnings of 25 percent. At the same time, Jake is given the opportunity - as a PWC Sponsor - to sign up x-amount of WAP. Since they are directly appointed by Jake, each and any of these WAP are his PWC Web Diamond Partners. Jake for example has signed-up his ex-fellow student, named Freddy. Jake is now the Boss - called PWC Team Leader - of Freddy and that only by one and first acquisition. Freddy benefits of the same opportunity as Jake did (with him) - to reach-out in order sign-up his WAP. Hence, also Freddy advertises not only our www.whiterock-casino.com on his website to profit of a 25 percent! Great for Freddy is that 2 of his already contracted PWC Customers want also to advertise in order to earn their Direct Commission of 25 percent, too! Freddy signed-up his cousin Patricia and is not anymore only Jake's Web Diamond Partner, but now also a PWC Team Leader - okay currently only of Patrica! But Jake earns a 10 percent of Patricia's personal - an her team to be built by the time - generated revenue streams. 

Jake - at that time, you remember the PWC Sponsor of Freddy - also benefits of 10 percent on Freddy's Team and - thanks to Freddy - also 7 percent on Lady Patricia. Now, if Freddy's PWC Team expands vertically and below Patricia, his Downline on further 4 levels - please consult the above chart - Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze Partners - will allow Jake to benefit on top of Freddy of further 4 fractional Surplus Commissions of another 15 - a total of 25 percent! None of these 3 PWC Team Leaders will ever have to take care of their Downlines vertical deepening - in the true sense of the word, the Downline is deepened by the PWC Unilevel MLM Multipliers, and not only for Jake, Freddy and Patricia, but also for James and each and any of the enrolled WAP at PWC! 

27. UNDERSTOOD - BRILLIANT - THE NEWCOMER CAN BECOME THE BOSS. HOW CAN THIS BE MANAGED BY PWC? Let's go one step further with the sampled Jake, Freddy and Patricia. We know that Jake has registered at www.pwc-unilevel.com and he may also being signed-up by his/her PWC Sponsor to open a WAP Account. Thanks to that registration, PWC Administration will send Jake an email that confirms his WAP registration and 2 very important and personalized hyperlinks (kind of electronic reference codes). 

One link is only to promote the www.whiterock-casino.com website so that he doesn't miss his Direct Commissions of 25 percent! The other link is used - exclusively - to sing-up his PWC Web Diamond-Partners. Logically, also Freddy has received the PWC Customer (Casino) and the PWC Partner (Networking) links by the PWC Administration. Only Patricia is now missing, however it explains itself as you can imagine now with ease! The turn was thereafter on Patricia and so on and so on a bit like the "Endless Story" movie!

28. GREAT, WHENEVER MY CLIENTS ARE PLAYING, I MAKE MONEY. AND HOW MUCH DO I GET AS A TEAM LEADER? We have already commented on your earning potentials above. We cannot predict any specific total earnings here - this would be dubious. It is a matter of a variability of some essential factors that could lead you to a certain level of income - or even limit your earnings accordingly! However, what we can confirm to you indeed, is the fact that you are entitled to extremely attractive PWC Compensation Packages in the amount of - no less and additionally to the Surplus Commission - 5 up to as high of 20 percent.

250'000 UP TO 449'999X BONUSES OF 5 PERCENT12'500 UP TO 22'500
450'000 UP TO 749'000XL BONUSES (5+5) OF 10 PERCENT45'000 UP TO 75'000
750'000 UP TO 1'499'000XXL BONUSES (10+5) OF 15 PERCENT112'500 UP TO 225'000
1'500'000 UP TO 4'000'000XXXL BONUSES (15+5) 0F 20 PERCENT300'000 UP TO 800'000

As you can see in the chart above, these incentives starting by your PWC Team's total turnover of 250'000 euros. For example - as a PWC qualified VIZE AMBASSADOR - you'll earn an additional 112'500 euros with a team turnover of 750'000 euros - obviously in addition to your Direct & Surplus Commissions! These will be calculated for you - as it became usual with Top Bankers - at the end of the year and paid out to you in the second week of January. By the way, in this sampled you would have made total earnings of 262'500 euros (150'000 Commissions + 112'500 Compensations).

29. I LEAD AN ALL-FINANCIAL WEB GROUP AND WE ARE INTERESTED IN OFFERING PWC TO OUR WEB CUSTOMERS - CAN WE DO THIS? Of course, there are already some - legendary - sales companies that “play” with the same idea. The advantage is clear, an existing sales structure, for example with you - as the PWC Team Leader - and your 20 professionals - as your 20 PWC Diamond Partners - our Unilevel MLM multipliers can be increased many times over and the above stated PWC Bonuses will soon be within reach! You have your sales-force and you have a - financially - well-positioned clientele. With our PWC you will not only offer an interesting added value, but also give your sales-force an additional source of income!

30. I AM WITH YOU, THANKS! BUT WITH OUR INSURANCE OR FINANCIAL POLICIES - PROVIDERS ARE ASKING TO PAYBACK COMMISSIONS, IF CUSTOMERS DON'T PAY ANMORE THEIR MONTHLY INSTALLATIONS. IS THIS ALSO THE CASE AT PWC? No and never! Since we don't charge admission fees or monthly customer contributions, your company and your customers will never be obliged to pay back any amount. Our Unilevel MLM compensation plan is based on the sales generated (NGR) in our PWC and you - as the PWC Team Leader - and your sales-force - as your 20 PWC Diamond Partners (and each and any of your PWC Team Members) - will be compensated as agreed with PWC. 

Our software works with so-called Sales Book Values (NGR) which are updated daily through debit and credit notes. If an NGR is in favor of you – and/or in each of your PWC Team Members - at the end of the month, credits will be transferred as requested, otherwise - as with bank accounts - the sales book values are going to be carried over to the next month as a negative balance, but never ever we would send invoices and asking for paybacks.

31. WHEN WILL I GET MY COMPENSATION PAYED? At the beginning of each month, we calculate your commissions for the activities of the previous month. We pay - through one of our Swiss banks mostly through SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) transfers - to the PWC beneficiaries within the first two weeks of each month.

32. A FRIEND TOLD ME THAT PWC HAS ITS OWN CURRENCY YET! ARE THERE BONUSES FOR ME IF I PAY WITH YOUR MONEY? For years, PWC shareholders have not only maintained an affinity for blockchain technology, but were also passionate advocates of cryptocurrencies. This laid the foundation for the PWC In-House-Currency and our Executives had developed and fine-tuned the "WhiteRockCoin" - with the abbreviation WRC! Our WRC Tokens are already traded at the following, three International Exchanges, such as VINDAX - UNISWAP and EXMARKETS. Further Initial Public Offerings (IPO) are at the top of our PWC owners' screens! The WRC tokens are transparent and withdrawals and payments are made smoothly. 

But to answer your question, yes you will benefit from XXX Bonuses in the PWC and increase your chances of winning many times over! If necessary, you can transfer the WRC tokens also to your electronic wallet (e-wallet) and make withdrawals accordingly. Exchange for the legendary FIAT currencies is also possible on the above, three listed Crypto Exchanges for our multi-purposed WRC Tokens. For more information, such as the recently launched ICO or the projected WRC price developments, please contact our Managing Director at his personal email [email protected] “But why don't we give our Broker Lil Donald the chance to introduce shortly our PWC In-House-Money to you?” 

33. ARE THE COMMISSIONS RECEIVED TAXABLE? We do not have the legal power to give you a binding answer in this matter. But your personal tax advisor can provide you with relevant information on this subject.
34. HOW DO YOU CALCULATE THE FOUR TOP EARNINGS? You refer to the PWC Top Total Earnings starting at the General Consul while leading to the - top of the top - PWC General Ambassador? As previously already displayed, each and any of these four top earnings consist of the PWC Direct Commissions, the PWC Surplus Commissions and - obviously – would include the PWC Annual Bonuses - as shown by the following table.

GENERAL CONSUL250'000 UP TO 449'999 EUROS75'000 UP TO 135'000 (30 PERCENT)
VICE AMBASSADOR450'000 UP TO 749'000 EUROS157'500 UP TO 262'500 (35 PERCENT)
AMBASSADOR750'000 UP TO 1'499'000 EUROS300'000 UP TO 600'000 (40 PERCENT)
GENERAL AMBASSADOR1'500'000 UP TO 4'000'000 EUROS675'000 UP TO 1'800'000 (45 PERCENT)

35. NOW YOU USE TOP AWARDS LIKE AMBASSADORS - WHY? Indeed that is true, as soon as PWC Team Leaders achieve the full-year Net Gaming Revenue (also called Sales or Turnover) of 250'000 Euros, they are entitled to the PWC Award - in this case of a - General Consul. All PWC Team Leaders can highly qualify up to the PWC General Ambassador - as already mentioned - there are no limits for you, which will take you to the Top of Top!

36. HOW CAN I MAKE MY 2 MILLIONS PER YEAR? Such a Total Remuneration - as shown at the above chart - relates to a NGR of 4,444 Million euros! An Unilevel Top-of-the-Top Professional would generate such a NGR by his/her 6 PWC Team Leaders - obviously supported by their MLM Network Structures. How is that possible - you may ask? As displayed at our Home-Site further below, we've sampled Annual Earnings of 300'000 euros - which reflects a NGR in the size of 750'000 - the rest is easy-going math (6 x 750k)! However, a crucial question alike may arise also by Non-Top-of-the-Top PWC Team Leaders! Here is that answer, too: “We know that monthly - averaged - NGR of 300 euros are generated by one PWC Customer only, which leads to an Annual Turnover of 3'600 euros!”

Stats are showing that a customary PWC Team generates - averaged annual sales - sized of 70'000 euros. That sum refers to monthly NGR of no less then 6'000 euros - or 20 casino gamblers or sport-bettors are producing - each of them - 300 euros monthly! Obviously we can change assumptions, for instance 40 PWC Customers are generating 150 euros - as monthly averaged NGR and so on...! Considering an annual turnover of 70'000 euros - PWC General Ambassadors would have to manage about 60 Diamond Partners - in order to earn his/her desired 2 million euros per year! That might not happen during the first or even second year - but also PWC Annual Incomes of 300'000 / 500'000 / 750'000 or 1 million euros aren't got that bad, aren't they?

37. FROM THE TABLES I'VE UNDERSTOOD THAT YOU ARE USING THE NGR-TERM - WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? In factories there are manufacturing costs for the production of the goods. And the traders cannot sell goods if they have not bought them beforehand. Online casinos have no manufacturing costs and do not purchase goods. In the gaming industry, the manufacturing costs or the purchase of goods are recorded as Acquisition Costs. Such expenditures have nothing to do with a company's general operating expenses. Operating expenses consist of paying staff, administration and advertising costs, rent, commissions, compensation, interest, depreciation and taxes. In the gaming industry, it is customary for a thirty percent flat-rate deduction from the total income (GGR stands for the Gross Gaming Revenue) to be offset against the acquisition costs. 

This allows PWC to determine your compensations related to the generated Net Gaming Revenue (NGR). Without paying these Acquisition Costs - such and for instance, as for the entertainment licenses, bonus promotions, commissions for the payment systems, network software, charge-backs, process costs, we as your Prime Whiterock Casino wouldn't be able to offer you or your customers any sports betting and gambling events over the Internet. But also - and last but not at the least - we at PWC would also not be in a position to offer to you - and your PWC Team - such gorgeous Compensation Packages in the amount of close 2'000'0000 Euro!

38. CAN YOU REVEAL SOMETHING ABOUT THE OWNERS AND THE MANAGEMENT OF PWC? The founders or owners of each and any of the - directly involved - companies are all Swiss citizens and they are represented either on the Executive Management or on the Board of Directors - also known as the Administrative or Supervisory Board.