You know yourself best and better then anyone else! Only you are aware of your targeted at - professional and financial - objectives. Who else then you knows - why one of our PWC Sponsors - were able to inspire you to initiate a full- or part-time job at PWC? 

If you are a passionate Internet surfer and digitally well equipped - or if you are one of the Internet-savvy advertising professionals - obviously - you are reaching out for a PWC career as a WHITEROCK WEB AFFILIATE PARTNER (WAP). However, also as a motivated Newbie you can enroll as one of our WAP - important is that you have a website! After having read this chapter you can jump directly to your PWC Unilevel Web Affiliate Partner Program followed up by our relevant FAQ!

You may are a Part-timer, Newcomer, Salesperson, Representative, Net-Worker or a full professional or manager in the MLM industry, then you certainly go for a WHITEROCK MARKETING PARTNER (WMP) relation with PWC. "But what do you think about a short introduction by our funny Donald - the little man - who in his own way - brings you a little closer to our Whiterock Ambassador's career plan?"

We've emphasized already the essentials of winning PWC Customer to you. This section is about another top importance of - not only - of acquiring PWC Customers but - and moreover - also to sign- and lineup personal PWC Partners - if desired by you? That PWC Knowhow is top decisive for your potential earnings at PWC. Winning PWC Customers leads you may to 20'000 euros - but building up your own PWC Team - allows you to target at 80'000 euros - or even more, as you'll see - per month! 

Hence, we present to you our most successful - unique throughout the entire online gaming industry - PWC Unilevel MLM Compensation Plan. Thereafter to kickoff the ball - it would be entirely up to - if you are happy to lead a small PWC Team or if your objectives are to manage a - pyramid-like - huge organizational structure!

First of all: Who doesn't remember the Italian-around-the-corner - where Don Emilio refers on his menu to his simple but effective saying: "Since you are happy at my restaurant, please say it further - be my Recommender – Grazie Mille!” Experts confirm that personal MESSAGES provide more decisive clues and that they have a greater impact on positive decisions - and that is what we all want! Speaking of personal MESSAGES: The two top money-makers have distinguished themselves either as PWC AMBASSADOR or even as PWC GENERAL AMBASSADOR - with annual earnings topping close to 2 million euros!

For a successful career at PWC it will be decisive for you - as a PWC Recommender - that you take the PWC PERSONAL MASSAGES deep into your heart! Afraid of selling and to explain to be signed agreements? No problem! Winning your own PWC Partners and acquiring PWC Customers, you will no longer have - tedious - sales discussions! Since you don't have to sell - your contact-persons don't have to buy anything! You are completely exempt from the - embarrassing-annoying - note "Please sign your contract here and please do not read the fine Prints"! You don't sell anything and - your contacted - either PWC Customers or PWC Partners - don't receive - never ever - any PWC Payment requests! 

As a PWC Recommender you only distribute your personal MESSAGES - but that with with a lot of joy and great enthusiasm! We take care of the sales for you - and this is done through our www.whiterock-casino.com website and our PWC Unilevel MLM Remuneration Package - experiences as well as by itslef! But how can you make money with us? Simply follow up successfully - what've learned by our Don Emilio!

1. Your acquired PWC CUSTOMER – Direct Commissions of 25 Percent!
As you know by now, whenever your acquired PWC Customers are generating revenue - as PWC Players and/or PWC Bettors - at our www.whiterock-casino.com website - you are generously compensated by PWC Direct Commissions in the amount of 25 Percent - and that for your entire life - endless for you! Important for you to know: According to our experience and normally, your registered PWC Customers are going - sooner or later - also to enroll as your PWC Partner - so we have arrived at your second source of income, offered to you by PWC!

2. Your aquired PWC PARTNER – Surplus Commissions of an additional 25 Percent!
PWC offers to you - optionally - to participate and to benefit of our PWC Unilevel MLM Compensation Plan that pays to you - as an appointed PWC Team Leader - Surplus Commissions of - additionally - 25 Percent throughout your 5 leveled PWC Downline Structure!

On the above showed organizational chart you are listed at the TOP - as our PWC Team Leader. As the boss of your own PWC Downline Structure, you are sponsoring a myriad of your own PWC Diamond Partners. Each of your acquired PWC Diamond Partner - listed just below you - are not only providing you with a 10 Percent Surplus Commission - but also kicking off the uniquely automated PWC Unilevel MLM Multipliers! As a result, they will deepen your PWC Downline by themselves, the following table overviews your PWC Surplus Commission of a total of 25 Percent.


As our appointed PWC Team Leader, you've earned a total of 25 Percent - throughout the 5 vertical levels! And this even though you - under certain circumstances - didn't meet any of your second-leveled - MLM Platinum Partner - to the very last and bottom level - known as your MLM Bronze Partner! This has all been completed by your directly recruited and supervised MLM Diamond Partners - obviously supported and generated though their own PWC MLM Team Members! Here we are - this is your PWC Unilevel MLM Remuneration Package from us! At the end of this reading - you've deserved - a short relaxation, have fun!

As WMP or WAP Newcomers or MLM Professionals, we will provide you with further - more detailed - information about our PWC Marketing Concept and our PWC Unilevel MLM Compensation Plan on the upcoming websites. Among many others, we also address for you how to generate an annual income of around 2'000'000 Euros - with a pyramid-like organizational structure! Thank you very much for your appreciated attention!