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By registering - you'll immediately benefit from our unique WHITEROCK MARKETING CONCEPTS: “You'll receive the very-best Advertising-Tools, which are leading you to a successful WHITEROCK-PROMOTER: Off- or Online, as you prefer? Or driving also on two-tracks?”


As an Offline-Promoter, open your NETWORK-MLM-ACCOUNT - if you are an Online-Promoter, activate your AFFILIATE-WEB-ACCOUNT (and insert your URL). Thanks!


Promote our site either as a WHITEROCK-WEB-AFFILIATE or as a WHITEROCK-MLM-PARTNER - whatever meets your talents best - to earn BIG-Money!


With your two arrows-in-your WHITEROCK-Quiver build your own sales-structure and also simply recommend our site to acquaintances and/or web-partners.

About Us

Our Team

WHITEROCK MARKETING - comes closest to the well-established word-of-mouth propaganda - is an unique Advertising-Cocktail that consist of an “explosive” Viral- and the art of a “smoothly-going” Loyalty-Concept. Among key features, you'll be provided with:

  • Attractive marketing tools
  • Fast payments
  • Detailed reports
  • Quick support
  • Attractive marketing tools
  • Fast payments
  • Detailed reports
  • Quick support

Our Features

Attractive Tools

At our site - your “recommended” players accommodate at a highly modern and fully automated environment. "Your Clients are Our appreciated Guests!" They feel tremendously safe, soothing and at the same time, fascinating in just a few minutes.


Up To 45% Revenue Share

Awesome revenue share deals, multi-level and hybrid plans that will convert your traffic or your revenue month after month. Earn astonishing commissions while being rewarded based on your referred Web-traffic and/or your generated Networking-Revenue.


Lifetime Commissions

We highly appreciate each MLM- or WEB-Partner's inputs and we are trying hard to create best-possible Commission-Plans for providing a Lifetime-Revenue. Boost your earnings. Keep your clients and partners coming to us - and we'll make them stay, guaranteed!


Prompt Payments

Choose from our WHITEROCK multiple payment methods that we offering in the system. After well-performed, just sit back and relax while waiting for your monthly commissions. We guarantee fast and secure payments meeting all your expectations.


Real-Time Statistics

Increase your audience engagement by tracking the impact of your promos and getting a Real-Time analysis of the data while accessing your personalized and password-protected WHITEROCK-Dashboard! The instant impact on your profit won't make you wait long.


Great Customer Support

Our dedicated WEB-Affiliate and MLM-Network managers will show you how to earn players' loyalty while leading you to your targeted and desired commissions. A true partnership and individual approach is what we're willing to build with each of our WHITEROCK-Partners.


Optimized Marketing Tools

Our attractive and optimized Marketing Tools are being updated taking into consideration our WHITEROCK-PARTNER'S desires, needs and requirements to perfectly meet the various market trends. Due to this fact you'll achieve great results in a short, but also ongoing period of time.


Generous Structure

Our generous commission structure is designed to accommodate your desires and needs. It will reward you based on your performances. That fact is allowing you to earn astonishing commissions, but also to participate on boni and gratuities. Get our entire Remuneration Package directly based on your performance - that's the deal, what WHITEROCK is offering to you! Choose from the multiple payment methods available in our system. We guarantee fast and secure payments, and not only rapidly growing Commissions, but also XXXL-Boni and BIG-BIG-GRATUITIES are waiting for you - month after month and year after year!

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